SingularityU Czech Summit

Join us in March 5 – 6, 2018 at the SingularityU Czech Summit (Prague). Don’t forget: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.“

The Top Myths About Advanced AI

To help ourselves focus on the interesting controversies and open questions — and not on the misunderstandings — let’s  clear up some of the most common myths.

Alibaba’s AI Outguns Humans in Reading Test

he model developed by Alibaba’s Institute of Data Science of Technologies scored 82.44, edging past the 82.304 that rival humans achieved.
Alibaba said it’s the first time a machine has out-done a real person in such a contest. Microsoft achieved a similar feat, scoring 82.650 on the same test, but those results were finalized a day after Alibaba’s, the company said.

Do Our Brains Use Deep Learning to Make Sense of the World?

“Most of these neurons are shaped like trees, with ‘roots’ deep in the brain and ‘branches’ close to the surface,” says Richards. “What’s interesting is that these roots receive a different set of inputs than the branches that are way up at the top of the tree.”