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Petr Šrámek

“There are no country borders in exponential technologies. Our only boundaries are where our curiosity and courage end, and we move these lines farther every day.”

Petr is a serial entrepreneur for more than 30 years who believes that science and technology can help humanity to reach a new better level of being. Petr is currently engaged in finding solutions to major problems using brain-inspired AI and the latest advances in counterfactual learning, causal inference and emergence. Petr also helps innovative teams in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Longevity technology to grow into confident companies with global ambitions. He provides advice on fundraising, strategy and product management. He advises companies about cooperation with AI startups and helps universities to engage in such an ecosystem. He works closely with several startups.

Petr is a founder of, Entrepreneur in Residence at Singularity University, co-founder of the Platform on Artificial Intelligence at the Confederation of Industry, member of Peter Diamandis´s organization Abundance 360, Lifeboat Foundation, and a Senator for Czech Republic in the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF).

Thanks to his talent to explain AI topics in a clear and engaging way to any kind of audience, Petr has become a sought-after speaker at professional conferences. Czech media often borrow Petr’s articles. He provides commentaries on artificial intelligence topics for Czech TV, Czech Radio, professional healthcare and ICT journals, Forbes Next, and other media outlets. Petr is a founder of the AI Awards project in a co-operation with Economia – a leading business media publishing house. Petr has been featured in the group of 28 AI leaders in the flagship World Intellectual Property Organization study next to Nick Bostrom, Frank Chen, Martin Ford, Kai-Fu Lee, Andrew Ng, Ben Lorica and others.

You won’t find highly technical AI articles on this blog, nor will you read populist news. Petr’s aim is to use easy-to-understand language to explain real potential of AI technologies and their impact on our lives, and our future. Topics from a wide variety of AI-related fields as well as noteworthy events and publications are discussed here, Petr’s take on latest developments offered. Stay tuned.

MedTech Visionaries Awards – Words Put Into Action

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The Czech Republic is a member of the WBAF

In March 2018, I was appointed a High Commissioner of the international World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF). This also means that the Czech Republic has obtained a position in this forum and thus access to the largest group of Business Angels in the world.