The Czech Republic is a member of the WBAF

In March 2018, I was appointed a High Commissioner of the international World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF). This also means that the Czech Republic has obtained a position in this forum and thus access to the largest group of Business Angels in the world.

Do Our Brains Use Deep Learning to Make Sense of the World?

“Most of these neurons are shaped like trees, with ‘roots’ deep in the brain and ‘branches’ close to the surface,” says Richards. “What’s interesting is that these roots receive a different set of inputs than the branches that are way up at the top of the tree.”

Asilomar AI Principles

This article is an introduction of the 23 Asilomar AI Principles. The Principles offer a framework to help artificial intelligence benefit as many people as possible. To January 2018, the Principles have been signed by 1273 AI/Robotics researchers and 2541 others.

Pioneer of Human-Machine Interaction Says AI Will Not Replace Workers

The conversation around the technology should be less about the misleading images portrayed in Hollywood and science fiction literature, and more about human-centered design. Such design refers to how AI can help empower people—whether by amplifying their abilities or supporting their goals—without harming them.